Why Aren't You Naked?
    A RED-HOT Media Art Exhibition
    By 3-Legged Dog Media and Theater Group

    Gallery Opening Soirée  09 . 09 . 09
    6pm – midnight, free

    Gallery Hours:
    September 4th – October 3rd
    Tuesdays – Saturdays,  12 Noon – 10:00pm, free

    3LD Art & Technology Center
    80 Greenwich St. @ Rector St.

    1, R, W to Rector St. or 2,3,4,5 to Wall St.

      “Why Aren’t You Naked?” is a multimedia exhibition presenting an array of provocative still and moving imagery generated from 3-Legged Dog’s prolific experimental productions over the last 13 years. “Why Aren’t You Naked?” is raucously imaginative, sexually perverse, and intimately introspective. The collection includes HD panoramic video projections, multimedia sculptures, large format prints and high resolution video installations.

    If you or your organization is interested in purchasing or displaying the works from “Why Aren't You Naked?” please contact Kevin Cunningham at Kevin@3leggeddog.org or by calling 212-645-0374.


    3-Legged Dog stands out in the world of experimental art by virtue of its technical and artistic rigor, as well as the superb craftsmanship of the work. 3-Legged Dog’s art grows out of everyday experience through a comprehensive, aesthetic process toward final creation that explores complex structures of thought, emotion and action. These multimedia works are built in such a way that no element or discipline dominates. And while each element integrates into the whole, each is a complete work of art in itself. Our projects express ideas that are beyond spoken or written language, often examining the contradictory multi-valent experiences of our image-stuffed world. Recent work is deeply immersive, and characterized by groundbreaking technological innovation. The quotidian source experiences that underlie the work have caused critics to comment on its humor, its lack of pretension and its “all-encompassing, thrilling” beauty. 3-Legged Dog’s media works are things unto themselves—objects expressing the shape of time—meant to encompass the viewer in an intimate union.