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New York Times
"Kevin Cunningham’s inventive staging blends traditional 
theater with elaborate digital technology to arresting effect."

New York Post
"Spectacular multimedia production."
"A remarkable showcase of the powers of theatrical technology 
in the hands of a director who knows how to use it."

"intense, visually stunning production"
"The actors not only researched their roles, they embody them."

Theatre Is Easy
"A cracking good piece of theater."


Lighting and Sound America
"Spy Garbo has a number of things going for it -- fascinating material, some powerful writing, and a stunning production design."

"Schwartz is particularly acute in exploring the dizzying, many-leveled deceptions that constituted the World War II spy game."

Show Business Weekly
"Spy Garbo's theatrical and electronic elements mesh well and its quirky slant on the 20th century is a welcome contribution to history’s ongoing process of revision."