For most of our history 3-Legged Dog has been something of a closed shop, working almost exclusively on art generated from within the company. As a part of our effort to survive the recent precipitous decline in arts funding we have reached out to our community to find many different kinds of partnership. Our recent very positive experience working with Chuck Mee and with Oskar Eustis at the Public Theater have convinced us that there are very important artistic rewards to opening our doors to new collaborators. When I read Sheila Schwartz's script I was floored by the depth of research and the breadth and complexity of the piece, the detailed veracity of the three characters inhabiting a limbo of history. As I dug into the script I was fascinated by the skill with which Sheila wove and unfolded the conflicting histories and view points of these three historic enigmas all counterpointed by an even more enigmatic presence, pervasive because of his absence. The way that the script subtly reveals these complex personalities as their inner lives slowly blossom into large scale cinematic reality fascinated the team. Once the script was in our hands a sort of creative orgy ensued as we began to explore the script and imagine how it might unfold simultaneously on the stage and screen. Sheila's encyclopedic knowledge of her subject continues to feed our on-going creative frenzy.

The other aspect of this collaboration that fascinated us was how serendipitously it seemed to fit into an ongoing set of aesthetic explorations we've been following for the last four years. Sheila had created a piece that could not be expressed adequately with a simple staging and lighting. One of 3-Legged Dog's on-going artistic agendas is to find ways to help audiences comprehend and experience more than two points of view at a time comfortably. At the same time this piece moves through scales of intense intimacy to literally infinite spatial depth. We have had a lot of success recently using large-scale high definition video to surround the audience and encompass them within the scene and with a new technology called Eyeliner that lets us to project high definition video into the air allowing us to defy the laws of physics and time in front of the audience's eyes.In Spy Garbo these two methods will be blended to create a unique new mode of expression. Although the design, like the script, will occasionally be overwhelming in its scale and depth, the audience will be enfolded within it, feeling the movements and flow of the piece in tactile and kinetic ways as well as visually and aurally. The play on stage will flow between intimate theatrical live performance and completely immersive cinematic depth.

3-Legged Dog exists to produce new, original works in theater, performance, media and hybrid forms. Working out of a strong literary tradition, 3-Legged Dog's mission is to explore new narrative possibilities created by digital technology. Existing as it does between cinema, stage, historical documentary, spy thriller, political commentary and Becketian dialogue I cannot imagine a work more suited to our mission than Spy Garbo.

5-panel video and sound experiment by Peter Norrman and Aldo Perez